With Mirak you can enjoy the feeling of that hot shower more. Reduce your annual water-heating bill by up to 75%, while freeing yourself from reliance on your traditional energy supplier.

House buyers are becoming more and more conscious of the cost of energy, ensuring installation of a Mirak solar water system will add value to your home. This will only increase as New Zealand moves towards adopting energy efficient housing standards.

Mirak provides hassle-free solar hot water solutions, individually tailored to best suit your needs. Our service will take you from product choice, through to an installed and operating system, with building consent signed off by your local council.

A Mirak system consists of a solar energy collection unit placed on the roof of your house, which connects to a hot water cylinder inside your home.

We have three methods of installation. These are: 'In Roof', 'On Roof', and 'Elevated'. Due to our modular design, we can easily match the collector size required for your home.