Collectors can be installed either in roof, on roof, or elevated. If you are building a new home or re-roofing an existing home, the in roof installation is a good option. On roof installations are best if you want to fit solar water heating to your existing home. The elevated option helps you to maximize performance when your roof is flat or aimed east/west. Collectors can be also be colour matched to your roof if required. This will help the system blend into your roof so it will not appear unsightly or obtrusive.



You have the choice of either a direct system, or an indirect/glycol system. A direct system pumps the water in your cylinder through the collector. An indirect/glycol system has a heat exchanger in the cylinder, and pumps a water/glycol solution through the collector. You should choose an indirect system where water quality is suspect or heavy frosts occur during colder months.Installing a glycol systems will mean a heat exchanger is required to transfer the heat from the panel to the cylinder. The best way to do this is to have a cylinder manufactured with an internal heat exchanger. It is also possible to have an external heat exchange unit fitted to an existing cylinder.



If you are building a new home, your cylinder will be matched to your exact requirements. The options available to you here are varied almost beyond belief. Please talk to us so we can match what works best for you.

For your existing home, we do recommend cylinder replacement. If you require, we can fit the system to your existing cylinder. To do this we need to know the age, size, make and operating pressure of your cylinder. All of this information is available on your cylinder nameplate.


Mirak offers a range of payment options. We can accept Visa & Master cards, or can arrange a finance package to suit your needs. We also accept cash, cheque, or direct banking. For new homes a 25% deposit is required on submission of compliance information, 25% on placement of the cylinder order, and the balance on system completion. For existing homes, a 50% deposit will start the process, with the balance being due once you receive your 'code compliance certificate' from your council.


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