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Solar water heating systems designed and built in New Zealand from New Zealand made and imported components.

Solar designers – understanding your home.

From the smile on your child's face in the bath to the spotless dish on your table, hot water plays an important role in the comfort of your home. With a Mirak solar water heater, you can make your house clean and comfortable while freeing yourself from ever rising energy costs and reliance on electricity and gas supplies.

At Mirak we understand that your home is unique, not just how it looks, but also how it works and feels. Mirak solar panels are an attractive modular collector design which can easily be adapted to suit your specific requirements. Our qualified installers care about your home and will provide a hassle free high quality installation service. Please call our installers direct if you would like to hear an unbiased opinion on Mirak quality and service.

Mirak Service

At Mirak we are committed to providing you with the best possible solar water heating service.

 Specification of the correct system for your home. Everybody has different needs and requirements. A Mirak solar hot water system will be matched to your personal situation. Please look in the products section of our website to find out more about system options.
 Arranging the building consent for your installation. We work closely with your local council to ensure your solar water heater will meet all the New Zealand standards. This is currently a very tricky area with a lot of council staff still coming to terms with recent building code changes. We guarantee we can get compliance for your solar hot water installation. We know exactly what we are doing here!
 Employing the trade professionals to install your system. We work closely with all our installers. A good relationship with these guys means you get a top quality installation.
 Installation of your system. This will be on a day that suits you. Your system will be installed with skill and care so it blends seamlessly with your home. We have a sign off procedure at the end of your installation. This means your solar water heating system has been installed correctly to Mirak standards. It also means the system will be installed to your standards.
 Flexible payment options. We accept Visa and Master cards. We are happy to arrange finance for your solar water heating purchase if required. Please contact us if you have any finance questions.
 Use the free Mirak back up service if you have any questions or concerns about the performance or operation of your system.

Mirak Design

The Mirak solar water heating system has been designed in New Zealand, to specifically meet New Zealand standards and conditions. Designed and built to last. We guarantee we can meet all the requirements of your local council.

So what makes us different? There is no one item, feature, or benefit that makes us different from the multitude of imported systems available. There are a number of small details which mean the purchase of a Mirak system will see you right:

 Our materials have been carefully selected, by us, to ensure they will last in the tough NZ environment.
 We know exactly how our systems operate through a continuous test and measurement program.
 Every part of a Mirak solar water heater is specified by Mirak.
 Our installers are supplied with every part required to make your system operate correctly.
 We guarantee you will get good, timely service and prompt communication.
 We guarantee you will get good, timely product support.
 We supply a superb all round solar service.
 Our modular design will compliment the look and feel of your home.

Mirak Goals

We are committed to becoming the most respected solar water heating supplier in New Zealand.

We are committed to give the best quality service in the solar water heating industry.


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