Hello and welcome. We are Martin and Sonia Perry. Mirak Limited is our company. We work from a home office in Christchurch New Zealand. We have two children and have installed one of our own systems in our renovated home to help reduce energy costs. The following is a brief history of how Mirak came into being.

Mirak started as a dream. We wanted to own our own business, like a lot of other people, but needed something we believed in. Buying into something existing always seemed to involve compromise. Our story starts in 1994.

1994:  We were living and working in the small hydro village of Otematata in the Waitaki valley, North Otago. We became aware of solar water heating when an employer, who had a reputation as a bit of a magpie, scooped some redundant collectors at a yard sale. The concept of solar water heating grabbed us; we couldn't believe it was so simple.

1996:  A move to Christchurch for better job prospects enabled Martin to begin studying part time for an electrical NZCE qualification in 1997. The direction of this qualification changed to an electronics and computing NZCE as interests and work changed. Over a 7 year period, several business opportunities were explored. All options were considered, but nothing was started until the study goal had been achieved. Solar water heating was always in the mix somewhere.

2003:  Martin completes his final year project; an electronic controller for pumped solar hot water systems. Some initial investigation into the viability of selling the controller turned into serious business discussions with work colleagues.

2004:  STECC is formed for the purpose of building and selling solar hot water systems. Boy did we have some learning to do about business, and it needed to happen quickly. Thank goodness for the CECC and the CDC. Their practical training courses and endless supply of good business practice tips are still essential.

2005:  So much happened in 2005 it is hard to know where to start. The major points would include changing our name to Mirak, a visit to China to look at purchasing options, working full time in our own company for the first time, and starting to sell!

Names are so hard to choose. Mirak is the name of a star in the solar system (we sell solar systems, we live in a solar system) we rely on the sun for energy (the sun is a star, just like Mirak). The name almost seemed to choose us!

China was an interesting place to visit. 1.3 billion people sure is a lot. All of the possible suppliers we visited were very friendly and had a slightly different product offering. None were able to supply exactly what we believe is right for New Zealand. Consequently, we import the minimum of parts from China, and use New Zealand suppliers as much as possible in the manufacture of our collectors.

And then we started selling! Working from home with two children certainly has its challenges, but also its rewards. Our home was renovated so we would have dedicated office space. I am sure our children will respect this one day.

2006: This year has been a time of continuous improvement. With a good number of systems installed and working, we have developed confidence in our products and methods. We firmly belive you will not get better service or quality from any other solar water heating company.

We continuously measure the performance of our systems. This ensures we will know of any potential lifetime problems well before they have an effect on you. Through developing a test and measurement program, we have now been able to add a measurement service to our product offering. This has two major benefits. 1.We can measure your use before you purchase to match a system exactly to your needs. 2. We can easily measure your system performance after installation in case you have any concerns.

We believe that for you to be able to install a solar hot water system, you need confidence in the people you ask to provide this service. This belief has grown from our own home renovations, through dealing with the tradesmen and other professionals we have invited into our home. Need we say more?

We look forward to being able to help you by supplying you with the right system, installed with no hassle, at the right price. Please try our free online quoting service, or alternatively, come and visit us in our home to see how solar hot water works with our lifestyle.

Our own home with an in roof colour matched collector
Where did it go? Colour matching works very well on dark coloured roofs.