Mirak Customers

Malcolm and Louise - Oamaru
'We have been very impressed with all our dealings with Martin & Sonia.  All communications have been informative and timely.  The process was clearly explained and installation arrangements all on time and within budget.  We are impressed with the standard of equipment and very happy with the way our system is performing. There have been no hassles and everything fell into place very smoothly.  We would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone considering solar heating'
Quentin and Angelina - Totara
'The solar package has been going great, hardly had to turn the power on at hight, between the solar, wetback, and the large capacity cylinder. The service has been spot on right from the start - from assessing our situation, to organising the plumber. Everything happened when promised, and with the main part of the installation completed in one day, the downtime with no hot water was minimal.'


Brendan and Claire - Koromiko

To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Mirak Solar Hot Water System
'Our main criteria in building our home was to be as close to totally selfsustainable as possible without compromising on what we take for granted when living in the city! To that end we required the best performing solar hot water system as electric or gas backup was not an option in the rural area in which we live. We live off the grid using solar PV panels and thus required a system that would generate the most hot water for least amount of energy used for pumps & controllers.

We chose a Mirak solar hot water system which has performed flawlessly. Even through winter the system has provided the majority of our hot water. We have been astounded by the amount of hot water produced on cloudy, overcast and even rainy days! A major concern where we live are the high winds and as such did not wish to install any large heavy structures on our roof, the Mirak system fitted the bill perfectly.
When faced with installing anything out-of-the-ordinary, we found plumbers and suppliers to be uncooperative. However it was the complete opposite dealing with Martin at Mirak Solar. Our questions where answered quickly and professionally and even when faced with tricky technical questions, Martin would go out of his way to provide us with the best solution.
Our solar hot water system is proving to be a sound financial investment, paying us dividends in eliminating ongoing costs for hot water but, more importantly reducing our ecological footprint.'
Kevin & Gillian - Christchurch
'We would very much like to recommend to anyone considering solar heating, Martin & Sonia Perry of Mirak Ltd. From the first assessment to the last compliance sign-off their low-key solution orientated approach impressed us. Appointments, quotes and installation were all on time and any explanations or suggestions were made in a logical, easy to understand manner. Both their website and advertising material reflect their professional and dedicated approach to providing solar heating solutions. We are more than happy with our new solar heating.'
Andy & Danielle - Christchurch
'Martin did a fantastic job, including fixing the switchboard mistakes done by previous contractors, at no cost to us. After installing the electrical side to the Mirak Hot Water system he also did a price comparison between different electricity plans and found a solution (installing a timer) which was more economic for our home. I cannot recommend Martin's service enough. I would happily deal with Mirak again and I have recommended them to friends. Andy.'
Simon & Angela - Waimate

For all you people thinking about installing solar hot water, we have just had a system installed by Mirak and would like to give some feedback to give you the best chance of making the best decision. Firstly, we did quite a lot of research and did some asking around as there's a multitude of different panel types and systems available, got a file together with lots of information and tried to make the most informed decision we could.  Feel this was well worth doing as you're more confident that you've made the right choice with less chance of having a system you're not 100 % happy with. In our situation, we went for a retrograde fit with an existing hot water cylinder as saw it a waste of energy by getting a new cylinder with a perfectly good one on-site already. The key to a good system is having lots of storage capacity and with a family of 3-4 people consider a 270 litre cylinder the minimum you need, especialy if you're looking at a retrograde installation.  We live near Waimate and rang a few places in Timaru but a workmate who is an electrician mentioned Martin Perry from Mirak and said I should look at his website.We then rang Martin and even though he was based in Christchurch, he said it would be no problem coming down and installing his system if we chose him for the job. We also took some photos on his suggestion of our hot water cylinder setup and roofline and sent the photos and other information such as present hot water usage, distance to the roof, number of people in the house etc via e-mail to Martin so he could design the most appropriate system and give us an accurate quote. The thing that made us feel that Martin was "the man for the job' was that Martin is Mirak which is solar systems only, ie others are often plumbing businesses with solar being often only a small component of their work, so there's more chance that the fine tuning and attention to detail which is required with solar installation would be done by someone who specialises in solar systems and does the installation himself. He is a qualified electrician by trade. On dealing with Martin, the most enlightening thing we liked was his attention to the finer details and his genuine expression that he prided his work on customer satisfaction with the job. He is also very happy to get you as involved in the installation itself as you want to be, in fact he encourages it and insists that you're there at the time so that any teething problems can be sorted there and then rather than coming back to a potential nasty surprise that you may not have thought of. It's also good to be there at installation as you learn lots about how the system works and how to fine tune it further, such as in our case, Martin installed an electrical timer so that there could be an electeric boost in the case of solar deficit on cloudy/rainy days. In our case, we have set the timer so it's on between 7-9 pm and have set the thermostat on the cylinder to 50 deg.C. We find with a combination of a wetback off the fire that this provides enough hot water in all seasons for us. Please note that this suits us and that everyones situation is different and this is where doing your homework, the installation itself and fine tuning is so important. Martin did the installation over one-and-a half days with a qualified plumber ( required as part of the council consent) and me as a helper. As it turned out, we did have a problem due to a pipe kink so initially the system didn't work properly. On reporting this to Martin, he came down from Christchurch, pinpointed the problem and fixed it. Also, we weren't 100% happy with the messy pipes in the hot water cupboard so he fixed that too! Post installation, he also installed a data logger so that the performance could be monitored so he's sure that the installation is working effectively. All in all, we have absolute faith that Martin will accept nothing less than total customer satisfaction. We would have no hesitation in recommending Martin to anyone for their solar installation and would be very happy to discuss any queries you have,   Simon Kontze and Angela Stoodley Waimate Tel 03 6895776 e-mail simonthevet@paradise.net.nz  

Richard & Jo - Christchurch

We chose Mirak from 3 or 4 other companies which provided quotes for solar hot water supply.  Martins attention to detail and ability to answer all our questions on the spot proved to us that he knew his product and the installation process well.  We were also impressed with his data collection of our pre-solar hot water use which showed us exactly what our existing cylinder was doing on a day to day basis.  Our Mirak solar system has now been running smoothly for over a year now and without trouble.  The only small post installation glitch was resolved immediately and without hesitation.  Martin has also been able to help us with fine tuning so as to maximise our electricity savings.  We would not hesitate to recommend Mirak  as a solar hot water installer. Richard Western and Jo Wynn-Williams.