Free solar water heater design info

We provide the following information and services free to all building professionals who would like to specify Mirak solar water heating systems. Please call us on 0508 4 Mirak (0508 464 725) if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can contact us through We reply to all emails within 2 working days.

Specification help - we know exactly how our systems work!

This means we can accurately recommend the correct amount of collector area. To do this we use NIWA data for sunlight hours in the area of the installation. We match this to roof pitch, the orientation of the home, and the occupants use. The actual use is the largest variable here. Check out our measurement service for existing homes.


All compliance problems handled free - guaranteed!

Don't you just love dealing with all those different councils, all those different interpretations of the standards, and all those different people each time you call. Let us do this. We know the rules for solar water heating!


Building code acceptable solutions for every installation.

This speaks for itself! Consent applications just become a breeze with standard solutions. This may become even more straight forward in the future with proposed changes to New Zealand standards. Watch this space!


Correct fastenings specified for wind shear. earthquake, and structural load, as per NZ standards.

This is a bit of a sticky one at the moment. There are a number of Australian manufacturers who would like to see this info left out of the standards. I guess that means it would be easier for them to put 500kg's of 'tank on roof' system up in NZ. Probably best we don't get started on this one.


Complete plumbing system specified as per AS/NZS 3500.4

Every part of our systems is specified by us. There are definitely a few traps here and material selction is critical.


Materials specified and detailed as per NZS 4613 and AS/NZS 2712

Both these standards are relevant in New Zealand at the moment. There is a current proposal to remove 4613. We will monitor all changes here.


Systems designed to exceed the performance of AS/NZS 2712.

Mirak systems have passed AS/NZS 2712:2002 type tests. The 2007 tests are pending. 2712 is primarily a durability standard. Please call us if you have any questions about durability.


Guaranteed compliance with E2/AS1.

Standard acceptable solutions used here. The simple way is always the best!


Guaranteed compliance with the new G12 building code document

This recent addition to the building code has some simple acceptable solutions for solar water heating installations.


Guaranteed compliance with NZS 3604.

As you well know, this is the main standard the T/A's refer to. Very important to have this box ticked. Currently the only guaranteed method of compliance here is a producer statement from a registered structural engineer. We can arrange this for you if required. Alternatively, we are happy to talk to your structural engineer.

 Specification manual available
 Standard installation details available in pdf. Collector drawings available in dxf and dwg.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding solar performance or compliance. We know what we are talking about!

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